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Interpretation of medical isolation clothing standard

2022-01-19 09:49:41

"The epidemic has come suddenly, and all kinds of protective equipment are very tight!" this is a report from Dahe. Com. It is mentioned in the report that in order to save protective materials and ensure that every medical staff in the fever clinic can wear protective clothing every day, nurse Xu Weina never wore protective clothing when she entered the fever clinic. All of them are isolation clothing, a mask and a round cap. This paper interprets the relevant standards of medical isolation clothing.

(1) what is medical isolation clothing

At present, there are no national and industrial standards for medical isolation clothing. The American Standard ASTM f3352-19 [1] defines medical isolation clothing as protective clothing (clothing) used to protect medical personnel, visitors and patients from microbial and body fluid transfer in the case of patient isolation. Medical isolation clothing can also be used to protect visitors in the medical environment. According to the isolation prevention guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, during surgery and patient care activities, when it is expected to contact clothing, blood, body fluids, secretions and excreta, wear medical isolation clothing to protect the arms and exposed body areas of medical personnel.

Medical isolation clothing is widely used in intensive care unit (ICU), infectious disease department and infectious disease hospital of general hospital. Currently, there are two kinds of medical isolation clothing for clinical use: disposable and non disposable. Disposable medical isolation clothes are expensive, and large amount of use will cause great waste. There are many problems in the non disposable medical isolation clothing: the collar, cuff and abdomen are easy to be polluted, which reduces the use time of the medical isolation clothing; There are defects in the design of cuffs, back and bottom, which is easy to pollute the working clothes of the staff; The manufacturing material is not waterproof. Some studies have shown that there are many factors causing nosocomial infection, among which, the direct contact infection route is that medical personnel and accompanying personnel spread the pathogenic microorganisms or infectious substances they have colonized to patients through contact, and medical personnel wearing medical isolation clothing can effectively prevent and control the occurrence of nosocomial infection.

(2) what is the isolation of medical isolation clothing

ASTM f3352-19 specifies that medical isolation clothing is designed to protect medical personnel, patients and visitors from blood, body fluids and other potentially infectious substances during patient care or patient treatment. The main emphasis here is on blood and body fluids, and there is no mention of viruses transmitted through the air, such as novel coronavirus.

ASTM f3352-19 specifies "360 ° coverage", that is, at least ensure that the front, side and back of the arm and body are completely covered from the knee to the neck (excluding the neck) during the movement. We can see that the protection scope of medical isolation clothing is from the knee to the neck (excluding the neck), rather than the whole body covering from head to foot. The head, neck, hands and feet are not within the protection scope.


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