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How to deal with the wet disposable isolation clothes

2022-04-21 11:31:42

Disposable isolation clothes are not recommended for reuse.

1. Before wearing the disposable isolation clothes, all the things needed in the operation shall be prepared.

2. Before operation, the disposable isolation clothing shall be checked to ensure that it is free of moisture and damage, and is of appropriate length and can completely cover the work clothes.

3. Keep the inner surface and collar of disposable isolation clothes clean. When tying the collar, the sleeves should not touch the face, collar and work cap.

4. After wearing disposable isolation clothes, they are not allowed to enter the cleaning area and can only move in the specified area.

5. When washing hands, disposable isolation clothes shall not pollute the washing equipment.

6. Disposable isolation clothes shall be replaced once a day; If it is wet or contaminated, replace it immediately.

7. When hanging disposable isolation clothes, pay attention to the difference between semi polluted area and polluted area.

Disposable isolation clothing plays a two-way protective role during the operation. First, the surgical clothing establishes a barrier between the patient and the medical personnel, so as to reduce the probability of the medical personnel contacting the patient's blood or other body fluids and other potential sources of infection during the operation; Secondly, surgical clothing can prevent the spread of various bacteria colonized / adhered on the skin or clothing surface of medical personnel to surgical patients and effectively avoid cross infection. Therefore, the barrier function of surgical clothing is considered as the key to reduce the risk of infection during the operation.



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