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Correct use of disposable isolation clothing

2022-05-19 10:30:51

Wear the mask and cap, take off the watch, roll the sleeve over the elbow (it can be rolled over the middle of the forearm in winter), take off the disposable isolation clothes with the collar, clean the face to the individual, fold the two ends of the collar outward, align the shoulder seam, expose the inner mouth of the sleeve, put the collar of the right hand and the left hand into the sleeve; Pull the collar up with your right hand to expose the left hand after it is inserted.

Change the left hand to hold the collar and extend the right hand into the sleeve; Shake up the sleeves with both hands, pay attention not to touch the face, hold the collar with both hands, buckle the collar back from the center of the collar along the edge, then tie the cuffs (at this time, the hands have been contaminated), and loosen the belt knot.

Pull one side of the disposable isolation garment forward about 5cm below the waist until the edge is seen, and pinch the other side in the same way. Pay attention not to touch the inner surface of the garment. Then, align the edges at the back with both hands and fold them to one side. With one hand, press the folding place, and with the other hand, pull the belt to the back to press the folding place. Then, cross the belt at the back and tie it back to the front.


Precautions for disposable isolation clothing:

Disposable isolation clothing and protective clothing can only be worn and taken off in the specified area.

Before wearing disposable isolation clothes, check whether the isolation clothes are damaged, or replace them.

Do not let the sleeves touch the face and collar when wearing, and pay attention to avoid pollution when taking off.

The disposable isolation clothing used repeatedly shall be replaced, cleaned and disinfected every day. The disposable protective clothing cannot be reused.

If it is expected that there may be splashing or spraying of infectious substances, and the isolation clothes used are not waterproof, a waterproof apron shall be put over the isolation clothes.



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