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Precautions for using wet wipes

2024-05-30 05:36:02

Wet wipes as People's Daily life cleaning care products in People's Daily life has become an essential product, wet wipes in daily life is particularly important, people commonly used baby wipes, disinfection wipes, kitchen wipes and so on. Many friends have used wet wipes, like to wipe hands and mouth with wet wipes, disinfection and cleaning. We have been using wet wipes, but rarely pay attention to the use of wet wipes and precautions. As a wipes manufacturer, I want to tell you some things that you need to pay attention to when using wipes:

1. No substitute for hand washing

Using a wet wipe is not the same as washing your hands. Doctors stress that no matter how much wet wipes repeatedly wipe hands can not remove the skin surface bacteria, wash hands with soap, coupled with running water, is clean.

2, can not be reused

A study in the United States has also shown that when wet wipes are reused, instead of removing bacteria, they can transfer some of the surviving bacteria to uncontaminated surfaces. Therefore, be careful to change a paper towel for each new surface, and do not use it to wipe sensitive parts such as eyes.

3. Choose fragrance-free

The basic ingredients of wet wipes are not scented, we usually smell tea, lavender fragrance, is produced by adding fragrance agents, choose odorless wet wipes, meaning that you can contact fewer additives, for the baby, more important.

4. Don't wipe your eyes directly

In particular, it is necessary to use wet wipes less to wipe the face, especially do not directly wipe the eyes, middle ear and mucous membranes, such as skin swelling, itching and other symptoms after use, should immediately stop using.

5, wet wipes should be used within the shelf life. If you find mold spots on the wipes, do not use them again.

The above is the use of wipes precautions, I am the manufacturer of alcohol wipes, if you want to know more about wipes information, please pay attention to me oh.


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Address:Lugang Town, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province