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How to extend the service life of wipes

2024-05-30 17:41:56

A qualified wipes shelf life can generally reach about 2-3 years, but this data is limited to wipes that have been unopened. In the process of use, the packaging of wipes will greatly affect the service life of wipes, so what kind of wipes packaging can better extend the storage period and service life of wipes?

1. Lid

Different from portable small packages of wipes, 60, 80 or even 100 large packages of wipes are used more frequently and for longer periods of time, so the antibacterial and moisturizing ability of wipes is also higher. So, how can we better lock in water and resist bacterial pollution? The answer is to add a plastic lid over the opening of the wipes package. After the sealing sticker on the wipes packaging loses its stickiness due to repeated use, it will not be able to continue the sealing state of the wipes, which will accelerate the volatilization of the moisture of the wipes and shorten its service life. At this time, the wipes cover is like the second protective wall of the wipes, opening and closing, which is convenient to use and not easy to damage, and is a reliable guard of the wipes.

Second, aluminum plating film

What if just adding a wipes lid isn't enough? Not so fast. Why don't we try adding an aluminized coating? Aluminized film is a kind of composite flexible packaging material formed by using a special process to coat a thin layer of metal aluminum on the surface of plastic film. Aluminization film has excellent gas resistance, moisture resistance, light shading and fragrance preservation, not only has a strong barrier to oxygen and water vapor, but also can block almost all ultraviolet, visible light and infrared light, which can extend the storage life and service life of wet wipes.

Three, barrel

For alcohol disinfection wipes and other wipes with higher packaging sealing requirements, the packaging method of barrel and aluminum film sealing can be used to reduce the volatilization of alcohol to a large extent to ensure the sterilization effect of alcohol wipes.

According to the positioning and characteristics of the product, find the best solution of the wipes packaging in order to extend the service life of the wipes as much as possible and ensure the use experience of consumers!


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Address:Lugang Town, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province