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Is your baby always allergic? Just look at your wipes!

2024-05-30 17:38:44

First, when the child is young, the skin is more delicate and fragile, and one will be hurt by the outside world if he is not careful. The irritating objects that may exist in the wipes will greatly erode the skin of infants and young children, and once the thin skin is repeatedly wiped, it will break the surface stability phenomenon, such as alcohol.

Second, some of the ingredients on the market now have a certain amount of preservatives added to the ingredients, not to mention infants, adults with more sensitive skin will also be allergic, so infants will appear redness, allergies and other reactions after the use of some wipes. Therefore, parents must look clearly at the product ingredients when choosing wipes, and it is recommended to buy special wipes that can be touched by the hands and mouths of infants.

Baby and cotton cotton is a brand of baby wipes specially developed for the delicate skin of infants and young children. According to the results of various studies and tests carried out by the Capital Medical Center on infants, the professional team conducted research and innovation on its infant wipes.

② And the results are accurately applied to the products of baby and Mian Mian, launched a series of hand-mouth contact wipes suitable for infants and toddlers to help babies grow healthily.

③ The raw material is selected from the goat milk that can be "eaten" in the golden ranch, and the zero alcohol is more reassuring without adding

Third, there is the allergy we just mentioned. Some babies are born with allergies, which can be systemic or localized. When mothers find that their baby is allergic, they should record the allergic parts in time, and usually use wipes and other products to avoid these places.

Do you understand the reasons why your baby will be allergic to wet wipes?


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Address:Lugang Town, Fengqiu County, Xinxiang City, Henan Province